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      Вышла новая, вторая версия курса «Как переехать и обустроиться в Таиланде: быстро, легко и экономно»

      Друзья, возможно, вы уже знаете, что мы, создатели форума, приняли участие в разработке уникального курса «Как переехать и обустроиться в Таиланде: быстро, легко и экономно», который будет полезен вам вне зависимости от того, собираетесь ли вы переехать в Таиланд или просто отдохнуть тут несколько месяцев. Если вы ещё не приобрели этот курс — самое время сделать это, ведь вышла вторая, обновлённая версия курса. Ознакомиться с подробностями.
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My love is too little

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I am 19 years old... just a normal thai guy... maybe more special because i can speak English... Most of all i am all normal

I am happy, sad, angry or even in love like other people...

The thing is... I fall in love with someone who considered himself too old for me... so he made up a wall in his heart.... very strong... It's very hard for me to across that wall

It's been almost 3 months that i've tried to get across that wall... sometimes i felt I wanted to give up.., Just wanna stop.

BUT everytime he smiles to me it gives me a great power to keep trying...

He keeps blaming himself that he has hurt me a lot... of course he did...

I was hurt and suffered it's true...

But I wanna tell that even though it was short time, just to see him happy, smiling and laughing... all my pain has gone and i forgave him all the time...

My love is too little maybe it's not called "love" but all i know is it's just a feeling of pleasure to know you have someone to care about especially you can be so much happy when u see just one smile on his face...

AND when he's the one you have always wanted to dream about every night you sleep without him beside...

I am growing to an adult... i have done a lot of stupid things to you, I apologize... and Thank you for every time you forgave me...

But please take care ok??

I thank every minute that i have you...


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Hey! The story is terrific but where is the end of the story? Do you thank him still?

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